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This is hello gubs.


We help tell your brand story to the right people.


We're experts in the drinks industry & we're obsessed with building brands that people love.


We've worked with some of the most interesting & fast-growing drinks start-ups over the last year to arm them with a clear & concise Brand Strategy.


This strategy is built upon the gubs Playbook structure and it's from here we can develop some killer Brand Activations to bring the brand to life. This can be across live events, digitally, brand collaborations and of course, in bars.


So if you're looking to take your brand to the next level - drop us a message and let's get the ball rolling...

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what people say about us.

"Jonny instinctively understands how to tell the stories that lie beneath the brands we love.

This ability, combined with a thorough knowledge of the drinks industry, enables him to cut straight to the core of a brand looking to win hearts and minds in a highly competitive and saturated market. Tenacious, purpose-driven and good humoured.

  Jonny is destined to continue helping change how we think and feel about what we drink."

Claire Warner - Co-founder, Æcorn Aperitifs

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Seedlip x Cub Dinner at Chelsea Physic Garden Presentation
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The Beasley 24
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Naked Grouse
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Seedlip x Cub Dinner at Chelsea Physic Garden
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Naked Grouse Brand Education
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High Water Naked Grouse Event
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Seedlip x Green Lab x Lyaness Lemon Coasters
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Seedlip x Links of London 2019
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Say hello...

jonny@hellogubs.co.uk  ●  tel: 07857098916

cheers - speak soon!